Время 13/10/2023
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​Embracing the winds of change and meeting contemporary demands, Dibaosheng marks its fifth annivers

Located in New York's Times Square, the NASDAQ billboard is a premier platform for showcasing city images, disseminating corporate culture, and attracting investors and tourists from all over the world. It has also been named one of the "50 most influential billboards in the world" by the globally renowned magazine Fortune. 2023 marks the fifth anniversary of Dibaosheng, a global leader in the field of veterinary medical devices. Following its anniversary celebration, Dibaosheng once again graced the NASDAQ billboard this year, demonstrating the charisma of a new era as an industry leader. The stunning launch of their first animal-dedicated CT scanner, the Elf X512, has set the stage for a new round of innovative transformation and development at Dibaosheng.

Since its debut in Times Square in 2019, Dibaosheng has constantly set new standards in the industry and international community's perception of the brand. It's been appearing on the NASDAQ display for five consecutive years, thoroughly representing the brand's industry standing and value. Each appearance on the NASDAQ display also signifies a new phase in the development of the Dibaosheng brand. From 2019 to 2023, Dibaosheng consistently proceeded along the path of specialization and internationalization, bringing surprise updates to the industry in various dimensions such as products, services, and market reach.

Since its venture into the pet healthcare track, Dibaosheng has swiftly evolved into the leading brand for pet imaging in China in just a few years. Its market share remains stably above 40%, indicating a monopolistic competitive advantage. As the only company in the industry capable of providing comprehensive solutions for pet equipment, Dibaosheng continually increases its investment with a keen focus on R&D innovation. Gradually, it has crafted a closed-loop business model integrating pet equipment production and sales, pet healthcare services, and e-commerce. Particularly in the marketplace, Dibaosheng has not only established strategic partnerships with numerous pet hospitals and pet imaging centers domestically but also pioneered the large-scale e-commerce sales model for pet imaging equipment. The reach of its products and services is steadily expanding.

2023 is not only the fifth anniversary of Dibaosheng's founding but also a crucial year for the company's high-quality growth and innovative transformation. Particularly as imaging technology finds extensive application in pet healthcare, continuous upgrades of imaging equipment have become a trend, following the constant updates and iterations of core products. At Dibaosheng's fifth-anniversary celebration, the company formally initiated the strategy for its transformation and upgrade. Notably, the dynamic DR market will be at the heart of Dibaosheng's new layout.

Looking at the overall market, compared to static DR equipment, dynamic DR offers diversified functions, better fulfilling market demands such as real-time fluoroscopy, dynamic gastrointestinal imaging, orthopedic surgeries, and real-time positioning. At the same time, dynamic DR can accomplish dynamic and contrast imaging together, further meeting most imaging inspection needs in animal hospitals. Thanks to its acute understanding of the profound needs of pet healthcare institutions and its accumulative advantages and dynamics in technological innovation and cost efficiencies, Dibaosheng is more adept at implementing its transformation and development strategy.

Particularly in terms of product innovation, the launch of Dibaosheng's Elf X512 animal-dedicated CT scanner on the NASDAQ screen has attracted industry attention. In terms of hardware performance, it achieves a single-circle scan of 512 layers, reconstructing full high-definition 3D and tomographic images. An aperture of 800mm facilitates anesthesia and contrast operations in medium and large animals. Its thinnest slice thickness of 0.2mm allows the precise detection of tiny lesions, and it delivers significantly reduced radiation, only 1/100 of the dose of traditional CT scans for the same area. Facilitating a super large field of view (FOV) of 30 cm, it can reduce the number of scans and lower the risk of anesthesia.

Indeed, every feature of the Elf X512 is designed specifically for animal scans, aligning perfectly with the needs of animal hospitals. Especially regarding the product's functional features, it comprehensively addresses a series of pain points in the existing high-tier imaging equipment in animal hospitals. For instance, this device occupies a mere 6 square meters, thus it doesn't require a large setup space. It only needs 220V of electricity to meet operational demands, eliminating the need for increasing the hospital's electrical capacity. Its one-stop training and diagnosis service model require neither highly specialized operating veterinarians nor millions in funding. This not only yields high returns for hospitals from low investments but can also accelerate the centralization process in animal hospitals.

Data shows that as of August this year, Dibaosheng has installed 3800 devices and established a comprehensive nationwide system of engineering services, capable of providing remote assistance, onsite visits, and various other types of service supports for customers. The strong R&D innovation capabilities, robust professional team foundation, and comprehensive support services lay a solid foundation for the widespread application and market expansion of Dibaosheng's equipment. Taking its fifth anniversary as a new starting point, Dibaosheng is accelerating technological innovation and pushing for the industry's digital transformation upgrade. Dibaosheng strives to demonstrate the responsibility of an industry-leading brand with more efficient, intelligent products and services that cater to client needs. It prepares to set foot globally, showcase the strength and elegance of Chinese enterprises in the global competition, and continue contributing to the high-quality development of the global pet healthcare industry.